Kitchen & Bath Design

What Does Kitchen Design LOOK like?
See the whole process, including drawings, renderings, and installation in the video below. Want to know more about design and if your project needs it? Scroll down!

20-20 Design Layout

A kitchen in the design phase.

What does Kitchen and Bath Design mean? Do I really need a designer for my project? Kitchen Design or Bath Design can be as simple as redoing your space in a similar fashion. Just changing very little about the layout, but updating the look of the cabinets, fixtures, etc. Yet, this is an opportunity to completely re-imagine all aspects of your space!. It could be as simple as moving the working parts to make life easier, or as complicated as taking your current kitchen or bath down to the studs and starting over. Kitchens always require a designer. Even for simple projects, design layout should be done to ensure the cabinets will fit seamlessly. IMG_3917Baths don’t always require a computer generated design layout but for larger spaces, or if you are trying to fit a lot of pieces into a small space, it can be helpful and useful to avoid problems on installation! We have five kitchen and bath designers on staff, ready to sit down with you and review ideas for your remodeling project or new home. Whether it is a large kitchen remodel down to the studs or a simple half bath upgrade, our team of designers are always available to help guide you through the process. From looking at all the product and options available, to narrowing it down to several options for you to consider, we are here for you!

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